Spectacular chase

Christopher Zanella pushed from the back of the field. After a collision Norbert Siedler, who was on position nine at that moment, twisted. In the end, HB Racing secures places 14 and 15.

HB Racing entered the race on Saturday from P11 and P25. Christopher Zanella as well as Norbert Siedler had a good start and were able to improve by a couple of positions. After the Safety Car (was deployed after 2:45 min) the cars were on the places nine and 17.

In the eleventh minute the shock: Start number seven twisted after a collision with an Audi and had to come back at the end of the grid.

Both cars improved until the driver change. Florian Spengler entered the track as thirteenth, followed by Marco Mapelli on position 15. It was supposed to stay interesting for the two Lamborghini Huracán GT3. In the second half of the race collisions and tough fights in the middle field ensured excitement.

In the end, Marco Mapelli and Florian Spengler crossed the finish line as fourteenth and fifteenth. The result is quite positive considering the difficult qualifying and Siedler’s twist. The start number six improved by ten positions due to Zanella’s chase.

“The car was quick and I had a good feeling. Without the collision a top eight position would have been possible”, explained Siedler after the race. Motivated the team looks forward to tomorrow’s qualifying.