Mixed feelings on Saturday

After a great qualifying for Norbert Siedler, the Austrian improved even further during the race. Due to an early release and another penalty the final sixth position was changed to the sixteenth. Start number six crossed the finish line on the eighteenth place after a drive through. 

HB Racing started from P5 and P13 at the ADAC GT Masters on Saturday. Norbert Siedler had a good start and pushed to the fourth place. Christopher Zanella wanted to take the first corner on the inside line and tried to improve his position but lost the back of his car and span. This resulted in a drive through penalty for the young Swiss. He came back on P22 and began to push from the back of the field.

Siedler did the driver change on P4 but the duo received another penalty because Marco Mapelli left the pit lane too early.

The final phase of the race was determined by a long safety car phase. After a small collision of number seven and Luca Ludwig (the drivers pushed against each other) he crossed the finish line on the sixth place. Afterwards it was decided that the car will get another penalty for the incident and will now be counted as P16. Florian Spengler ended the race with his Lamborghini Huracán on P18.

“The pace was great. If the luck is back tomorrow I’m happy”, said Siedler after the competition.